Wednesday, November 03, 2004


A number of years ago, while working at this same company, word got out about my attraction to bicycles. (I have no idea how... its not as if I ever talk about bikes.) Anyway, I met a woman who told me about some "expensive frame made out of a funky material like titanium or something" that she had possession of. It turns out that while doing PR for a local cycling start-up, she came to have this frame for some campaign or something. Low and behold, the company went belly-up. After a few attempts at contacting the owners so she could return the frame, she gave up. Because she had no desire to hold on to a frame--not being a cyclist, herself--she offered to sell it to me.

I found out, through some detective work, that the frame was made of Magnesium, and was a mountain bike hardtail frame. (At the time, expensive hardtails were still prevelant.) The name was Keef. I also found out that they really were just importing the frames from a Russian manufacturer. Low and behold, there was another company that picked up sales where Keef left off. I believe they were called Salt City Cycles (based out of Salt Lake City, Utah). I say "were", because they, too, have gone away. Anywho, I didn't have much money at the time--just like now--so I offered her $50. I also, to be fair and honest, told her that it was worth much more (like $500), so she was free to decline. Much to my surprise and satisfaction, she accepted. Of course, I didn't have money or parts to build up a high-end hardtail then, so it sat and collected dust.

Fast forward until today. I now own a nice full suspension mountain bike. I don't have much desire to ride a hardtail anymore, so I have all but forgotten about the magnesium frame.

Then, all at once (well, based largly on my brother's tremendous commuting record this season), I decided to see how cheaply I could build it up to be a commuter. Since I first purchased that frame, I have cycled through some parts, so I knew I had a wheelset, cranks, and many other items that I could slap on the frame. If I used it only for commuting (where I'd have to park it outside), I would want the quality of parts to be low enough not to worry about it being stolen while at my day job. So, I got online and started pricing things...

To Be Continued...

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