Monday, January 30, 2006

You Decide My Fate*

It is time. This week, I plan to purchase with my own hard-earned cash (which shows how much I loved it), a bike I reviewed not too long ago: the Cannondale Synapse. Being the unable-to-decide-on-my-own type, I'm struggling with which color to pick. So, I'm putting it up to you. Do I go for carbon, or silver.

Right on the heels of that decision: Do I keep the Ksyrium SLs, or go with a set of Topolinos? If I go with the Topolinos, anyone interested in a new set of Ksyrium SLs? I hope to order the bike sometime this week, so start posting! The Topolinos will shave a few grams off the bike, and they'd look cool with the matte carbon frame, but I can't buy them until I sell the Ksyriums... which means buying them might delay me being able to ride the bike by a few weeks.

Another thing to consider: There is snow on the ground, so even if I got it today, I wouldn't be riding out on the roads.

Do you see now why I can't decide?

*Note: I reserve the right to decide for myself, if I ever figure it out--though your comments will definately be considered.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Whoa! What happened to the time?

My day job has been taking up entirely too much time. I'm starting to get through it, though, so I hope to post more. Meanwhile, James just posted a VERY comprehensive LED light review (probably the best on the net). Click here to read it.

All this time away from the blog has given me lots of ideas. Hopefully, I'll get them down and posted soon. Stay tuned...