Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sharing the Joy

I love bikes.


As such, you can imagine my joy when a friend approached me who just bought a road bike and told me with enthusiasm how fun it is. He told me about the speed of his road bike compared to an old mountain bike he used to own, and how well it cornered. He then proceeded to tell me how he wants to hook up with the local club and ride even more. That is the cycling bug: Once it bites, it turns into an addiction.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Cannondale Mania!

That's right, folks, Cannondale Mania has hit Slow and Tired. I have just posted my review of the Synapse. This is truly a fantastic ride. In fact, it was such a fun bike to ride, I rarely felt either slow or tired on it.

Don't worry, my next bike review will most likely not be a Cannondale. In the meanwhile, I am thinking of starting a petition to have Cannondale let me keep the Synapse. Anyone willing to sign? How about this: A free 20-minute ride on the Synapse to those willing to sign the petition (and who live within a 30-mile radius of my house).

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cannondale Links to My Review

Cannondale, evidently, really liked my review of the Prophet. They even posted a link (Title: The Prophet 1000 Gets Two Thumbs UP) back to GearReview. Here's a direct link to their summary. If you haven't read the review, go read it. Then go test ride a Prophet.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Clear sunglasses?

That might not make sense... unless you own a pair. Shields would be a better term. Basically, they are like sunglasses (usually non-prescription) with clear lenses. In the mountain biking world, I've often found them very useful. I've used them most on night rides in mud. If you've ever caught a glob of mud in the eye on a fast singletrack descent, you'll know just how useful they can be. Other obstacles that can ruin a ride include, but are not limited to: branches, dirt, dust, and bugs.

Ah bugs. It is of this that I want to particularly make mention of today. This morning, the ride was on the road (another great ride on the Synapse). The ride started out early--about 15 minutes before the sun came out. Wisely, I decided to grab a pair of clear shields (Rudy Project Maskerynas) on my way out the door. As we left my neighborhood, we headed west down to the lake to follow a road around its shores. It was beautiful. The sun was just beginning to light up the sky above the mountains to the east when it happened.

Bugs. BUGS! Tiny bugs, impossible to see in the early light of dawn, swarming around us. I could hear them hitting my helmet and glasses. I could feel them pelting my arms and face. I could--shudder--taste them. Then I glanced over at my friend riding next to me, trying to contort his face in such a way as to keep the bugs out of his eyes, while still being able to watch where he was going. A slow, bug strewn smile worked its way across my face. Yes, clear shields are important to road cycling as well. I don't think I'll ever ride at dawn or dusk without them.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cannondale Prophet

Just finished up my review of Cannondale's Prophet. My test bike was a modified 1000. I say modified because it didn't have the SPV Lefty, but a standard Lefty Max 140mm. This is a very fun bike (as all-mountain bikes should be). It climbs well and descends even better. It soaks up everything without wearing you out. Read the complete review here.