Friday, August 26, 2005

Cannondale Mania!

That's right, folks, Cannondale Mania has hit Slow and Tired. I have just posted my review of the Synapse. This is truly a fantastic ride. In fact, it was such a fun bike to ride, I rarely felt either slow or tired on it.

Don't worry, my next bike review will most likely not be a Cannondale. In the meanwhile, I am thinking of starting a petition to have Cannondale let me keep the Synapse. Anyone willing to sign? How about this: A free 20-minute ride on the Synapse to those willing to sign the petition (and who live within a 30-mile radius of my house).


Anonymous said...

I recently got an all carbon syapse 2 with the compact drive. I love it. It does exactly what Cannondale says it will do: delivers high performance with a very comfy all-day-long ride. Your review is spot on.

Anna said...

creepy. I googles "cannondale synapse" and I come across your blog, which I mistakenly thought was my own...

Anna from Aus