Tuesday, November 01, 2005

HRMs aren't good for me.

The only thing I really use my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for is to tell me how many calories I burn during a ride. (Well, occationally, I'll look at my current heart rate to determine if I'm working hard enough, but that's rare.) This morning, my 34 mile ride burned over 2800 kcals, according to my HRM. Good? No. Bad.

Very very bad.

Every year on Halloween, my work has trick-or-treating for the children of all the workers. Naturally, this being the day after, there's a bit of candy lying around here and there. When I walked in to work this morning, I was hungry (I also skipped breakfast) and saw all those "fun size" candy bars here and there in the office with plenty of people trying to get rid of them. I thought, hey, I just burned 2800 calories, I can handle a few tiny candy bars. Yes, a few probably would have been fine. Would 15 be fine?

No, 15 is bad.

I can tell you that without even stepping on a scale.

Ugh... stupid HRM.

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