Sunday, April 02, 2006

What's grosser than gross?

Remember that old childish game? My friends and I would sit around and think up the most disgusting things to try and gross each other out.

Yesterday, the weather was perfect--or at least it was while I was out riding. Though it was windy, cold and snowy/rainy later in the day, while I was out, it was warm and partly-cloudy. It had rained all the previous night, but the warm air managed to dry most of the roads out--with only an occasional puddle.

Although I knew I didn't have time, I was trying to find my way around the south end of Utah Lake. I actually managed to find my way--or at least as near to it as I had time. There were hardly any cars on the roads. For the most part, it was only me and the cows that were out.

And the worms.

The roads were littered with worms--most of which seemed to be perpendicular to my path. At first, I tried to avoid them, but as I watched more closely, and discovered the sheer number of them, I realized that was futile. On I went, slaughtering worms in my wake.

Only at the end of my ride, did I notice what had become of my pristine, new Synapse. Worms, and worm-parts splattered all over my bike. One carcass got caught on my passing crank arm as it got flung from my spinning wheel. I found it wrapped around the crank arm and dried up. Another fatality.


I knew I'd have to clean off road grime, but I didn't think of counting worms as part of the "grime".

A Side Note
I'm training for my first century on April 15th. Yesterday's ride was 66.1 miles with an average of 17.4 mph. I feel like I'm on target for the century, but it'll kill me. I plan to do some short rides during the week (because of time) with another long one next weekend. The final week before the ride, I plan to taper off and only ride a few easy days.

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James Sharp said...

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll eat some worms"