Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pockets or Bust

Jerseys are a lot like bicycle frames. All bicycle frames should have as many water-bottle mounts as the tubeset allows. All of them. This doesn't mean mountain bikes shouldn't have any. Or fixies. Or single-speeds. I would even go so far as to say TT-specific bikes should have them. The cyclist has the option to use them, or not. Put cages on, or keep your frame bare and clean-looking. Whatever you want, but ALWAYS give me the option.

Jerseys should always have three rear pockets. Three. Always. Period.

Mountain jerseys, too? Yes.

Skin suits? That's not a jersey, that's a skin suit. Pay attention.

I might never choose to use them, but I always want the option. Also, two tiny side pockets with a normal middle pocket doesn't count. I want three BIG pockets on every jersey. If you choose to make one zippered, or add a fourth zippered pocket, that's just fine. Give me my three normal ones, though.

Coming soon, I'll be posting a review of jerseys (corresponding to my review of bibs). My feelings on this matter just might come through on that review, so I thought I'd prepare the few,stalwart readers of this blog in advance.


James Sharp said...

Gonna have to disagree here. The elastic on the pockets gets annoying on long off road rides where the hydration pack sits.

I'm just saying, you know? Some jerseys are my first choice for hydration pack wear.

Jon Sharp said...

Wait a minute! We're talking about me, here, and it has never bothered me. Therefore, all jerseys should have, at a minimum, three rear pockets.

You agree about the water bottle cage mounts, though, right?

James Sharp said...

Oh yes... definitely more bottle mounts.

Jon Sharp said...

Ever since I started road cycling more, I've wanted a hydration pack less on my mountain bike and bottles more. That's my biggest problem with my hardtail: Though a traditional diamond frame, it only has mounts for one bottle/cage.