Monday, October 03, 2005

Calfee Dragonfly-Pro

While at Interbike last week, I got the chance to ride a lot of exotic bicycles--as well as some down-to-earth ones. I'll try and post some highlights of the whole show in the upcoming days. Go here for James' blog where you can see lots of cool pictures that have already been posted.

One of the most fantastic bikes I rode was the Calfee Dragonfly-Pro. This particular model was built with Topolino wheels (carbon tubulars) and Campagnolo Record Carbon, a custom Calfee bar-stem combo and various other expensive and beautiful parts. The finished product was a bike that came in under 14lbs complete (without my Eggbeaters which, of course, I added for the ride).

I can't give this bike a full review, as I only rode it on the short road course at the Outdoor Demo (which was new pavement), but I can say that it was a bike that stuck out from the crowd of expensive road bikes I tried that day. Besides having a light and stiff frame, the VERY light Topolino wheels contributed to the feel. It was so quick, and accelerated with so little effort, I spent the whole ride slowing down just so I could stand up and mash the pedals for another burst of speed. Another ultra-light part spec was the all-carbon saddle. Was it comfortable? Not really. I mean, I had to find the right spot to sit to be able to relax on the saddle. On the other hand, I've been on heavier padded seats that were less comfortable.

Overall, I hope to see more of the Dragonfly-Pro... at least in my dreams.

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