Friday, March 03, 2006

Beware the Curse of Spring!

It is a beautiful day outside. Indeed, it seems as if Spring has arrived. Sunny, a little breezy, and warm.

In the daytime, at least.

The Curse
There are a few pieces to the curse, but they all revolve around my desire to ride in this beautiful weather, and my inability to do so.

First, there's the Spring cleaning. Why is it that things left undone for months NOW have to be cleaned? More importantly, why did we leave them undone for months? Saturdays in Spring are almost always set aside for this type of work, which cuts into those long Spring rides in warm weather you've been dreaming about for months.

Second, yardwork. I really don't like yardwork. This is evident by the frequency with which I mow my lawn in the summer. Of course, I tell people that grass thrives better when it is left long and then cut down all at once, but even I don't believe it. Saturday is another prime time for yardwork. Between Spring cleaning and yardwork, most afternoons are shot.

Finally, the third part of this wicked curse is the weather. Most people, myself included (which is why this post is being written in the first place), work in the day. As it turns out, this is really the only time when the weather is nice and balmy. When I do have time to ride (in the early morning pre-dawn hours), the temperature is still hovering around 30. Of course, I'm in that springtime mentality, so I don't quite dress warm enough in the morning and freeze.

Such is the Curse of Spring. I love it. I love the warm weather and the days getting longer. I only wish I could enjoy it on my bike.

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Theresa said...

Yes Yes Yes! I totally get it! And now.. with the summer heat upon us here in NJ - 6am is the ONLY time one can bike because it's too hot all day and then there is dinner to cook, and clean up, and the yankees game to watch and the kids to hang out with and friends to have drinks with and blah blah blah