Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mmmm, Warm Milk.

I stumbled upon this article about using Chocolate Milk as a sports drink, and it left me with many questions:

For one thing, the thought of drinking milk on a hot day sounds terrible. What would be worse, is that, most likely, the milk would be quite warm after a short time.

When I ride, my body produces mucus at abnormal rates, I don't want to even imagine what milk intake would do to those high mucus levels.

Most energy drinks can survive a hot day on the road/trail in a waterbottle and still be in about the same condition. How long would chocolate milk last in 90 degree weather? What about 100 degrees?

Sometimes, on really long solo rides, it is nice to bring energy drink mix with me, so I can re-fill waterbottles with it while I'm out. (I love ELETE for that.) Could I mix something like Ovaltine (or other chocolate milk powder) with powdered milk and bring it along?

I'm not lactose intolerant, but how well can my body handle all the fat and lactose when I'm bouncing down a trail, or sprinting up a steep incline? How well will all that churning sit with my digestive system?

My hydration pack reservoir is lined to prevent muck from forming inside it. Would that work with chocolate milk, as well? Would I have to rinse it out every time?

If I am exercising, would I be able to blow through a whole gallon of chocolate milk in less than an hour and not throw up?

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