Thursday, May 18, 2006

If You Choose Not to Decide, You Still Have Made a Choice

Thank you, Rush.

How many times can I post about having a great ride, and how wonderful cycling is before it gets boring? Have I already exceeded that limit? You must not ride enough, then.

The day started out perfect. Clear skies. Cool, but not cold. I had on shorts, a short-sleeve jersey and arm-warmers. My legs didn't feel stiff or sore or anything.

A Problem
I couldn't decide where to go. I really couldn't. I don't often have this problem with mountain biking. After all, there are only a few trails that are close enough to ride before work. Also, some are obviously better than others.

With road biking, there are so many more options. Some roads might be smoother, but others might be less traveled (by cars). Which way is the wind blowing? How long do I have? Somehow, it just feels so complex.

Along Came the Solution
While I was waiting at an intersection near my house, I saw a cyclist fly by on a beautiful orange Orbea. At last, I would decide to follow, with nary a care as to where we were going. I immediately jumped on the chase and caught up with him. We talked pleasantries for a while and then settled into a mini pace-line. I'm certain he had more experience than I on the road, but was patient when I failed to point out an obstacle or two. I might have surged each time I took my turn pulling, but I honestly tried not to.

It was a golden ride. The kind of ride where everything feels right. Even the wind seemed to shift each time we turned--always staying at our backs. We kept up a good pace with little effort. It wasn't a long ride--just 25 miles--but I didn't feel exhausted at all when I got home.

More is More
I also experienced something I didn't think I would: I really felt like a stronger presence on the road. Instead of just being a cyclist on the side of the road, I felt like I was part of something bigger. Something that motorists would pause and pay attention to. (Well, at least pay attention to. Probably not pause.) I felt more legitimate. I felt a little more at ease and confident.

Oh, and just because I can't seem to write anything without mentioning LOTOJA (I ought to get a kick-back from them, or something), the person I hooked up with this morning has ridden it, and is planning on riding it this year. It is always cool to talk to someone about it.

Also, registration is closed. That was quick.

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Good thing you jumped on the registration when you did. Dang that was fast.