Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Worst Enemy

I am my worst enemy. Well, not me exactly, but part of me. My early morning self, to be exact. Evidently, my early-morning self hates me.

The Evidence
Knowing that the only time I'd be able to ride on Monday was early in the morning, my early-morning self snuck into my room and set my phone (which I use for an alarm) on vibrate. Then, he promptly slept through the buzzing. One day of riding, gone. He's quite sneaky.

This morning, I could only ride for about an hour, and had to be back by 6:30 am. I had planed on a short, but hilly route that would get me a good workout but get me back by then. I set my alarm. I double-checked to see if the phone was on vibrate.

The first thing my early-morning self did was distract me a lot so I didn't actually make it to bed until 11:00 pm. Then, He pulled out all the stops. As soon as my alarm went off, I started to wake up. There he was, waiting for me. "Wow, I bet it's cold out there." "You're moving pretty slow. I bet you don't have time for a full hour of riding." "You're supposed to dig fence post holes tonight after work. Don't you think that'll be enough of a workout?" "And, don't forget that you're playing basketball tonight with the boys from your church. How tired do you want to be going into that?" "You can't just go on getting no sleep every day. Eventually, it's going to hit you and it will really impede your training."

I'll spare you the rest.

He's quite persuasive.

The thing is, I always regret skipping out on a ride. Always. Even when the weather is bad. Even when I'm tired. Always. For example, I regret listening to my early-morning self this morning. He won, and now I regret skipping that ride. That's one more ride I'll never get.

I'll get you next time.

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tkp said...

Heh. The early morning self. I really hate him too. But what I hate most about him is that if I beat him, chances are he's off to my riding partner's house and doing battle over there instead.

He's a sneaky one.