Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Pros Don't Do Yardwork

I believe I have mentioned before how much I dislike riding on the trainer. Fortunately, with the weather warming and the sunrise getting earlier every day, it’s a thing of the past. Or so I thought.

The Pros Don’t Do Yardwork
I, however, am not a pro. I was doing yardwork on Saturday and wishing I was riding. I still wish that I had been riding. While digging out dead grass and laying new sod/turf, I pulled a tendon in my right wrist. It hurt only a little, so I didn’t think much of it and went about my business.

Namely, I was able to go on a ride. The weather was beautiful, and aside from some minor pain in my right wrist, I was feeling fantastic. In fact, I was pushing myself harder than usual and feeling fantastic.

Then, I got a flat. The fates were not smiling on me that day.

One of the purchases I am most proud of is my super-micro Crank Brothers pump. It is so small that I can fit it in my seat bag. Finally, I got to really use it. I was actually a little excited.

Because I am completely uncoordinated with my left hand, I began to pump up my tire with my right, as usual. Everything seemed just fine—except, of course, this nagging sharp pain in my right wrist. You see, in order to achieve a full-working pump in such a microscopic size, Crank Brothers shortened the pumps throw to about 3 inches. When using this pump, it is better to describe it as oscillating, rather than pumping.

Eventually, with much grimacing, I got enough* air in the tire to limp home. (Actually, I wasn’t limping. My legs felt fantastic thanks to a 15 minute break.)

Now it is Tuesday, and I’m wearing a splint. This particular splint has and abducted thumb. This has nothing to do with aliens. It means that not only can I not use my wrist, but I also can’t use my thumb. Another thing I can’t do: ride my bike. The only thing that keeps me from hating it is the intense pain I get when I remove it.

So, here I am back on the trainer.
I can manage the trainer, because I hardly ever have to do emergency maneuvers on it. In fact, I don’t even have to use my right hand at all—though, it isn’t making riding the trainer any nicer. I’ve learned that the downtube shifters on my trainer bike are easier to use with a splint (or, the other hand) than fancy dual-control levers.

Also, I won’t be able to ride the century this weekend. That sucks. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to replace it with a few hours on the trainer.

*Also, before my next epic long ride (100+ miles), I’m getting CO2. The Crank Brothers micro nano pump is great for emergencies, but I’m not sure I can get much more than 85 psi in my tires with it. If I actually want to continue riding, I’ll need something else. So, I’ll be carrying both.

Another thing I learned: Yardwork is evil.

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