Saturday, July 29, 2006

Of My Ride Today

To the guy on the mountain bike
1) Don't ride on the sidewalk
2) When you decide to leave sidewalk, it's a good idea--even if there aren't cars on the road, which there were--to look behind you. You might find another person there. Like me, for instance.
3) Thanks to you, I know better just how great Dura Ace brakes are.

To the person in the Huge pickup truck
1) You can't turn faster than probably 15mph with your truck lifted so high; I was going 25mph.
2) Your truck actually extends further back than you.
3) You almost cost me my life because of your selfish stupidity in turning into me and pinning me between your expensive rig--that's right, I said rig--and the curb.
4) Your extremely loud diesel truck makes more noise when you speed up. Therefore, I know that you had to go out of your way to almost kill me.
5) Thanks to you, I know better just how great Dura Ace brakes are.

To the person in the Dodge Neon
1) If your going to turn, please use your turn signal. I don't know what you're thinking.
2) Though I'm required by law to be on the road, I can't ride in the lane, so it is always possible to have a bicycle next to you.
3) Thanks to you, I've learned to not pass cars approaching the intersection on their left.
4) Thanks to you, I know better just how great Dura Ace brakes are.

Where would I be without my Road ID?
If you go to the Road ID website, you can read testimonials of people saved because those who arrived at the scene of an accident were better able to help them. However, I have discovered another property of the Road ID. It protects me.

Let me explain.

Since receiving it on Father's Day this year, I have always worn it. Every ride. However, I didn't wear it today. I hope you see the correlation because it is obvious to me.


James Sharp said...

you didn't wear your Road ID? Do you have a death wish?

tkp said...

You know, I think that the reason I like to ride fast is because I like to use my Dura Ace brakes. They're amazingly good. Ultegra can't even come clost to how good these brakes are. The solid feel and the immediate dissipation of velocity are great confidence boosters, especially on a winding descent.

Gotta love the DA brakes.

Jon Sharp said...

Yeah, my only problem with them is the propensity for the rear brake to lock up on me. Am I the only one with that problem? Sometimes I think I'd be better off disconnecting the cable. I have flat spots on my rear tire from that. (Locking up the brakes, not disconnecting the cable.) Perhaps I am too used to mtn. bike disc brakes that give you way more modulation.

tkp said...

Well, I don't have lockup problems, but then, I just use one finger to pull my lever, and I don't pull so hard as to lock up. Could be your rims are extra grippy.