Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Fates Work Together (Again)

With eager anticipation I got my bike ready for the ride this morning. I fixed the flats in my spare tubes. I put new tires on my bike (Hutchinson Top Speed). I grabbed another 16gm CO2 and stuffed it in my seat pack as well.

Having planned on a long-ish ride, I wanted everything ready so I could get out the door quickly. Consequently, I gathered all my clothes. I filled two water bottles. I found my HRM chest strap (with a newly installed battery, I might add).

I went to bed. It was a little late (11:30pm) for the time I planned to wake up (5:00am), but I was excited to ride.

At some point during the night, my phone woke me up to tell me (via text message) that one of our servers was crying for help. Obligingly (because I value my job), I woke up and fixed it. After being thoroughly awakened, I then struggled to get back to sleep for the next 30 minutes or so.

At some later point in the night, a child of mine woke me up because of a leg cramp or some other such thing. This required me to be awake long enough to encourage said child back to sleep.

I was worried about the morning, but I figured getting up that early was nothing I couldn't handle.

Then, when I woke up, I noticed something different in the air. Something humid. (Please keep in mind, I live in a desert.) I checked outside and there were a few sprinkles here and there.

"Nothing to worry about," I told myself. "I'm sure this is all there's going to be. After all, the ground isn't even wet."

I proceeded to go about my pre-ride routine. The rain continued.

In fact, continued would imply that it was doing the same as before. It was not. Now, it was a downpour.

I screamed out--in my head of course, don't want to wake the little lady--"You've won this time, evil fates!"

I went back to bed. Defeated.


James Sharp said...

Wow... something was determined to keep you off of your bike. Could it have been the Road ID? Is it prescient? Maybe it does protect you!

Jon Sharp said...

I was wondering that myself. I'm going to start wearing my Road ID all the time. For one, I won't forget it next time I ride. For another, maybe it can protect me in my normal daily life as well.

I'll keep my eyes on the lookout for things like that and post appropriately.

tkp said...

Kids, computers, and weather will all conspire together to screw up your training. It's a fact of life for a married man. You can only surrender to their whims and get your training in while you can.

But something does trouble me...I realize your wife can't do anything about the weather, and probably wouldn't be of any help with the server, but c'mon, the kid(s)?? What'd you do? Let 'er sleep?

*shakes head*

(yes, a sister or two might have a word or two with me if they read this)