Thursday, June 15, 2006

Moose Encounters

On my ride this morning, I ran the following creatures off the road: Pigeons, Deer, and a Moose. Here are some things I regret about my ride: I wasn't carrying a nice camera. Also, I wasn't very quick to get what camera I had (the cheapo one on my cell phone) out of my pocket. As a consequence, the picture of this moose is pretty bad.

I love that about early-morning rides. Previously, however, I thought these kind of encounters were limited to mountain biking. I'm glad they're not.

While I was stopped shooting pictures, a few cyclists rode past. I decided to see if I could hang with them a bit. After a mile or so, I realized that they were actually going slower than my previous pace. As I sped past them, I looked over and saw a couple of old men.


Where's the glory in that? Also, why did they look like young, super-fit cyclists to me before I blew by?


James Sharp said...

Hmmm... No Moose here. But I have seen a small herd of Elk, numerous Deer, a Bobcat, Coyote, Porcupine, racoon, staggering numbers of bunny rabits -- where do they all come from?!?!?! -- and something I am reasonably sure was a cougar. And that is just the sort that can't fly. If we add them, then vultures, Owls, Hawks and the more normal crows, et al.

I love cycling.

Helpful Sister-in-Law. said...

Well, through knowledge I have gained in classes at the university I attend, such classes as the aging process and physiology, I have learned that as one ages, acuity (in eyesight) decreases. Something to consider, yes? (Just trying to help here.)