Tuesday, June 20, 2006


For Fathers Day, I got a RoadID identification wrist band. (Despite my daughter saying so, it ISN'T a bracelet.) I was really excited to get it. I'm not quite sure why, though.

Way back when, I used to leave my wallet in my car when I went mountain biking. (Note to thieves: I no longer do this. Please don't break my windows. You'll only be disappointed.) At some point, I realized that if I died, it would be nice if they could identify me more quickly. I think I have mentioned before that I most often ride by myself.

More recently, I've started carrying only a photo ID (drivers licence) and my insurance card with me. Also, I mostly ride on the road. It is a curious fact that, since I started leaning to the road side of biking--er, cycling--I've realized that "accidents" on a road bike would be more likely to leave me unidentifiable. Ewww.

Okay, let me see if I can make this blog a little more cheery today. Anyway, the plus side of having some important information on a reflective band around my wrist is that I no longer have to cannibalize my wallet before each ride. Did I mention it is reflective. An added bonus.

There seems to be something fundamentally wrong, however with feeling the need to take such precautions while doing my "having-fun" hobby. (Reminds me of a Seinfeld bit.) I suppose wearing a helmet is the same principle--I'm just used to it after years and years of wearing one. Besides, wearing a helmet doesn't ONLY acknowledge that what I'm doing is dangerous, but it also actually PREVENTS injury.

Well, either way, riding a bike is dangerous (mostly because of cars), so now I have something that will prevent me from carrying around miscellaneous cards from my wallet and they'll still be able to identify my carcass and call my wife to let her know.

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James Sharp said...

Got any pictures of this in action? I mean on your wrist, not being used to identify your carcass.