Friday, June 09, 2006

To Fence

Cycling isn't my life. I mean, most of the time I want it to be my life, but I'm resigned to the fact that it isn't. I hope that doesn't shatter your perception of me.

My time on my bike is limited. Limited and precious. For that reason, I spend a significant ammount of time thinking of my rides, planning for my rides, and juggling other events for my rides. Sometimes, however, I know that I need to sacrifice for my rides.

Obviously, I sacrifice my rides to spend more time with my wife and children. After all, why else would I ride at the crack of dawn. It is a sacrifice well made. This is especially apparent when my wife says things--as she has--like, "I think you should buy that bike."

At other times, I give up time on my bike for more time on my bike. Take my fence, for instance. I am putting in a new fence. I wanted to finish it last weekend. I didn't get on my bike once last Saturday--normally my long day--so I could finish the fence and thus free up my future time to ride more. Unfortunately, I didn't finish. In fact, as of this morning, I'm still not finished.

Please notice that I said "this morning." [Waiting for the point to dawn on you.]

Yes, last night, I was looking forward to another ride. Really looking forward to it. Only one thing was bothering me. I was worried that, with the fence still not done, it might consume yet another Saturday. I decided, therefore, that I'd sacrifice Thursday morning, for Saturday afternoon.

Only, I didn't finish this morning either. My new plan is to sacrifice Thursday and Friday nights for Saturday afternoon.

In the end, I'm gambling with my time. I'm afraid that, not only will I not finish the fence in time, but I will have given up week-day rides without the benefit of a long week-end ride to compensate.

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James Sharp said...

Good Luck!