Saturday, August 05, 2006

An Ill Omen

True to my goal, I went on a LONG ride today. Also, as part of my plan I rode with the local velo club. The ride with the velo club went really well. It was a lot of fun, and we made really fast time. That was about 48 miles, and we averaged 21 mph. I was even happy that I was able to hang with the faster half on all of the climbs.

Unfortunately, I think that was too fast of a speed for me--even in a paceline. However, I was determined to ride on and make a long ride of it (with a few climbs mixed in).

All in all, I rode 122.5 miles. My moving average was about 17.5 mph, but it took me about 8 hours (including stops). The careful mathematician will discover that my overall average was a paltry 15.3 mph (if I remember correctly). (For those that don't remember, I need to maintain 16.5 mph for LOTOJA. Ugh.)

Even more disappointing: I'm so exhausted. Even now--4 hours later--I can barely move.

I'll give more details of the ride when I have more energy.


James Sharp said...

but how did you feel on the ride? Did you feel like you were pushing it after you left the group? How was your upper body? Did your neck bug you?

Jon Sharp said...

For part of the ride, I climbed up Suncrest. (Though, I didn't descend down into the Salt Lake Valley and turn around and come back up the north side.) I was really tired then--my legs were tired--which is why I didn't push myself by going down the other side.

As a side note, every hill I descended that day was against the wind.

Anyway, I think my legs were quite tired, but it was more just the heat and dehydration that got to me. Once again I got a mild sunburn (I need to put sunscreen on as a thick paste, I think) and generally out of energy. Try as I might, I couldn't get my heart rate above 155 for the last twenty miles or so--including some pretty good hills.

Jon Sharp said...

Also, today my legs feel fine. I mean, they're a little tired, but not more than usual.

James Sharp said...

sounds to me like you bonked. If you couldn't get your HR up, then you were out of energy, period.